Quinzaine d'Aviation de Spa
Spa, Belgium, September 20th - October 5th, 1909

Blériot XI
Pilots: Léon Delagrange, Hubert Le Blon
Engine: 25 hp Anzani 3-cyl
The Delagrange team brought at least two Blériots to the meeting. (1)

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Pilot: Léon Delagrange
Engine: Mutel

Voisin "Octavie No. 3"
Pilot: Louis Paulhan
Engine: 50 hp Gnôme 7-cyl.

Pilot: Roger Sommer
Engine: 50 hp Vivinus I-4

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Pilot: Léon Druet
Engine: ? 25 hp
The Druet was a biplane of metal construction with double propellers.

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Pilot: Spoo-Naert
Engine: ? 14 hp
This huge machine was described as an ornithopter with eight movable wings attached to a four-metre pylon, which was mounted on a central fuselage.