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This site only covers competitive events. During the first years of aviation there were many other "aviation meetings" that either didn't include competitive events or where only a single pilot was engaged. Particularly in the USA, "air show" type events, often supported by only one of the conflicting Wright and Curtiss teams, were more frequent than actual contests. We also don't cover prizes offered for pioneering flights

Below you will find a list of some such non-competitive events, and some events that simply didn't happen. If you don't agree and can provide further information we will consider them for more detailed coverage.

Concours d'Aviation de Dunkerque
(France, August 5th - 20th, 1909)

Prizes were announced for distance and altitude, but only one pilot (Louis Paulhan) participated.

Grande Semaine d'Aviation de Tournai
(Belgium, September 5th - 14th, 1909)

Prizes were announced for distance and altitude, and a list of several entrants was published, but only one pilot (Paulhan) made any flights.

Grande Semaine d'Aviation
(Boulogne-sur-mer, France, September 12th - 18th, 1909)

Several prizes were offered, including a big prize for a double crossing of the English channel between Boulogne and Folkestone, but in the end the only entrants were Ferber and Legagneux. Only Ferber made any flights at the Marais de Beauvrequen airfield, and crashed to his death there on September 22nd.

Flugwoche Cöln
(Cologne, Germany, September 30th - October 5th, 1909)

Louis Blériot, Henri Brégi, Léon Delagrange, Jean Dufour, Paulhan and Georges Prévoteau made flights, but neither the program nor any reports contain reference to competitive events.

St Louis Centennial Aviation Meeting
(St Louis, Missouri, USA, October 4th - 10th, 1909)

A distance contest was announced, but cancelled because only one participant (Glenn Curtiss) was able to participate.

Grand Meeting d'Aviation
(Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, October 30th - November 1st, 1909)

No results or press reports are known from this meeting, but a nice-looking poster was published.

Hamburger Flugwoche
(Hamburg, Germany, November 1st - 7th, 1909)

José Luis Sánchez Besa, Emilio Edwards and Henri Pequet made some flights at the Borsteler Rennbahn, but no competitive events are known.

First Cincinnati Aviation Meeting
(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, November 12th - 14th, 1909)

Glenn Curtiss and Charles Willard were entered and height and distance contests were announced. Due to strong winds it is uncertain whether any competitive flights were made, but Willard was awarded both prizes.

First Phoenix Aero Meet
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA, February 10th - 12th, 1909)

Paulhan and the Wrights cancelled their appearances at a late stage, but Curtiss pilots Hamilton and Willard made display flights and raced cars and motorcycles. No competitive events.

Journées d'Aviation à Planeyse-Colombier
(Planeyse, Switzerland, January 9th - 11th, 1910)

Swiss flyers Speckner, Carfaggi, Nigg and Dufaux made mainly unsuccessful tests in bad weather. No competitive events are known.

Niort Aviation
(Niort, France, March 27th - April 3rd, 1910)

De Lesseps, Busson, Noel, Champel and Bellot made several flights, but no competitive events are known.

La Crau
(Miramas, France, March 27th - April 3rd, 1910)

Métrot, Noguès, "Hauvette-Michelin" and Dufour made several flights in order to celebrate the opening of the airfield at La Crau. The meeting was hit by bad weather and rioting crowds, and no competitive events are known.

Spettacoli di Aviazione de Firenze (Florence, Italy, March 28th - April 7th, 1910)
Van den Born, Rougier, Cordonnier and Faccioli made several flights, but no competitive events are known.

Memphis Aviation Meeting
(Memphis, Tennessee, USA, April 6th - 10th, 1910)

Curtiss, Willard and Mars made several flights and Curtiss claimed a record for quick take-off, but no competitive events are known from this Curtiss-only meeting.

San Antonio Aviation Meeting
(San Antonio, California, USA, April 20th - 25th, 1910)

Curtiss and his company pilots Hamilton, Willard and Mars made several flights and first Curtiss and then Hamilton claimed new records for quick take-off. These two were awarded prizes, but no competitive events are known.

The "Daily Mail" London-Manchester Prize
(UK, April 27th - 28th, 1910)

The almost simultaneous flights of Paulhan and Grahame-White are often described as a race. It was, however, a prize set up for a pioneering flight and not a competitive event.

Atlanta Aviation Meeting
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 2nd, 1910)

Charles Hamilton was the only flyer present. He made several flights and raced an automobile.

Meeting d'aviation de Bordeaux
(Bordeaux, France, May 7th - 9th, 1910)

A national meeting was announced in the aviation press already during the winter, but apparently never came off.

Esperimenti d'Aviazione
(Bologna, Italy, May 22nd - 30th, 1910)

Van den Born, Olieslagers, Bidot and Vivaldi Pasqua made several flights, but no competitive events are known.

Meeting d'Aviation de Vichy
(Vichy, France, June 5th - 12th, 1910)

A national meeting was sanctioned by the French Aéro-Club and still appeared in lists published in May. There are no reports in the aviation press of any flights in Vichy on those dates, so the meeting was probably cancelled or postponed. See these provisional pages!

Flugwoche in Hannover
(Hannover, Germany, June 11th - 13th, 1910)

Hans Grade, Ellery von Gorrissen and Theodor Schauenburg made several flights, but there were no competitive events.

Danziger Fest- und Flugwoche
(Danzig, Germany, June 11th - 19th, 1910)

Grade and Jeannin made non-competitive flight displays during the festival, which also included balloon and airplane model contests and many sports, musical and cultural events

La Crau
(Miramas, France, June 12th - 19th, 1910)

Daniel Kinet, Léon Cheuret and Edouard Dufour, and one or two other pilots, made several flights, but no competitiive events are known.

Indianapolis Aviation Meet
(Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, June 13th - 19th, 1910)

Orville Wright and the Wright display team (Brookins, Johnstone, Hoxsey, Welch, LaChapelle and Coffyn) and a couple of other flyers made 55 official flights. Walter Brookins set a new world altitude record, but no competitive events are known.

Twin City Aviation Meet
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, June 22nd - 25th, 1910)

A field of mainly Curtiss flyers (Curtiss, Willard, Mars, Ely, Hall and Beachey) made several flights during four days, but the weather and the airfield conditions were bad. No competitive events are known.

Montreal Aviation Meet / Concours d'Aviation de Montréal
(Montreal, Canada, June 25th - July 5th, 1910)

A list of no less than seventeen contests was published before the meeting, but neither the aviation press nor the newspapers published anything that looked like a list of results. De Lesseps, the Wright display team (Brookins, Johnstone, LaChapelle and Coffyn) and a couple of other flyers made 75 flights, the most notable being de Lesseps' 49-minute cross-country flight over downtown Montreal.

Toronto Aviation Meet
(Toronto, Canada, July 8th - 16th, 1910)

Most of the participants of the Montreal meeting continued to Toronto for a similar event with five participating flyers. No competitive events are known. Again de Lesseps made the most notable flight, a 28-minute cross-country flight over central Toronto.

First National Aviation Meeting for Novices
(St. Louis, Missouri, USA, July 11th - 17th, 1910)

The first US event where entrants payed a registration fee and were not paid to participate. Eight planes were entered, but in the end only two flew, with J. W. Curzon winning three prizes. No competitive events are known.

Semaine d'Aviation de Lille
(Lille, France, July 13th - 18th, 1910)

Cattaneo, De Baeder, Labouchère, Vidart, Bathiat and André Frey made several flights during five days from the Ronchin airfield east of central Lille, but no competitive events are known.

Wright Brothers Aeroplane Races
(Detroit, Michigan, USA, July 14th - 15th, 1910)

LaChapelle, Hoxsey and Brookins "made sensational flights and delighted the management and large crowds". No competitive events are known.

Meeting de Quimper
(Quimper, France, July 14th - 17th, 1910)

Simon, Barrier and Chemet made several flights, but no competitive events are known.

Cholet Aviation
(Cholet, France, July 14th - 17th, 1910)

The public debut of future star Roland Garros, who made mainly unsuccessful flights together with Léon Versepuy and Émile Obre. No competitive events are known.

Marseille Aviation
(Marseille, France, July 17th - 31st, 1910)

The meeting was originally intended to last a week, but it was extended because the mistral hit the first week. Fischer, Aubrun, Cheuret, Wallon and Édouard Dufour flew from a field at Parc Borely, together with Jeanne Herveux, who became the second woman to fly at a an aviation meeting. A couple of competitive events were announced in the press, but no published results are known.

Omaha Aviation Meet
(Omaha, Nebraska, USA, July 23rd - 27th, 1910)

Three Curtiss planes, flown by Curtiss, Mars, McCurdy and Ely, made several flights, together with four balloons and a dirigible. No competitive events are known.

Rennes Aviation
(Rennes, France, July 29th - August 1st, 1910)

Roland Garros made flights during a four-day meeting at the Gayeulles racecourse together with Paul de Lesseps, Émile Obre and Jean Dufour. No competitive events are known.

Toulouse Aviation
(Toulouse, France, July 30th - August 1st, 1910)

Audemars, Cheuret, Herveux, Kuhling, Niel and Marcel Granel made flights during three days, together with a couple of local flyers. A list of prizes was published, but no results are known.

Spettacolli d'Aviazione
(Pescara, Italy, July 31st - August 7th, 1910)

René Barrier and André Frey made flights at an airfield in Pineta. Reports mention prizes for altitude and distance, but no results are known.

Fêtes d'Aviation de Saint Omer
(Saint Omer, France, August 6th - 8th, 1910)

Jullerot, Thomas, Ernest Paul and Mollien made flights during three days at an airfield on the Plateau des Bruyères. Reports mention prices for speed (Paul) and total distance (Jullerot), but no details are known.

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