Concours d'Aviation de Douai
Douai, France, June 29th - July 18th 1909

The Douai/La Brayelle airfield

Louis Breguet was director of a family business which produced electrical machinery since 1902. In 1908, together with professor Charles Richet, he founded the "Société des ateliers d'aviation Breguet-Richet" and constructed an airfield at the company site at La Brayelle, in the flat farmlands some 3 kilometres west of Douai. The field covered some 72 hectares and had a fenced-in enclosure at the north end for hangars and workshops. After the 1909 Douai meeting it became the centre for the growing Breguet aviation company.

During World War One The Douai area was occupied by German forces and the field was used by the German air forces. Many of the most famous aces and Jagdstaffeln were stationed there. The field continued to be used after WW1 and hosted some meetings during 1920s and 1930s. It was closed during the 1950s.

Today nothing remains of the field. The area is used for farming and some parts are covered by a big Renault car factory and some businesses.

A plan of the La Brayelle airfield during the races in 1909. (1)
The location of the airfield in relation to the town of Douai. (1)
Blériot flying in front of some of the airfield installations. (2)
The airfield in 1916, during the German occupation. (3)

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