1910 Nice meeting pages added!

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1910 Nice meeting pages added!

Postby Anders » Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:22 pm

Hi everybody,

It's been a long while since the latest update, but it's because this is a big one. At almost 9,500 words it's the longest "events" text on the site and all in all there are 60 images. There was lots of material to go through. The eminent on-line archive services of the "Conseil général des Alpes-Maritimes" give access to full coverage of the Nice meeting in four different local newspapers and the meeting was well covered in the aviation press of the time and by postcard producers.

It was a successful and record-setting meeting: Nowhere else had there been so much flying - Russian Michel Efimoff flew longer at a meeting than anybody had done before and the total flying time was bigger than at any meeting before. There were two over-water races and several exciting accidents and incidents.

Read about it here! Your feedback, comments and corrections are welcome, and as usual photos of a couple of planes are missing.


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