New pilot pages - and some css tweeks...

New pages, changed pages!
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New pilot pages - and some css tweeks...

Postby Anders » Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:31 pm

Hi everybody,

Nothing very dramatic to report, but during the last couple of months I've added several pilot pages. The dates of the files are a bit messed up because I've made changes to almost all, so unfortunately I can't tell you exactly which. The ambition is to first cover all who participated in the 1909 Reims meeting, and then go on meeting by meeting. This means that many of the pages will have data and photos added bit by bit, but I guess it's the only way of doing it.

I've also spent some work on the style sheets. I guess you will notice that the result tables look nicer, but probably not that the file size and complexity of the reference pages has been reduced.

Next up is the May 1910 Lyon meeting, which is around half-finished.

See you,

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