Bleriot Week at Seville

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Re: Bleriot Week at Seville

Postby Nick Forder » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:25 am

Looks like I have misinterpreted reports of Farman's great flight and, I now assume, that these must be referring to his Chalons to Rheims flight in October 1908 ?

Meanwhile, it seems difficult to conclude other than there was a civilian aerodrome on the Camp de Chalons military training area, not far from Mourmelon-le-Grand (where those learning to fly lived in hotels), and the press various called the same aerodrome by different names.

Of course, this doesn't explain how the aerodrome was financed and operated.

A number of companies had sheds there, but it is unclear who was in charge, if anyone.

Indications are that the aerodrome was owned/ managed by Gabriel Borel et Cie, with Copin as assistant manager from some time in 1910. Raymond Saulnier rented a shed from Borel in 1910. However, the school Borel promoted as his own was a 'Bleriot School' in 1910, so it may be that Borel's Bleriot agency extended to running a flying school, and Saulnier had a sub-let ?

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